Monday, March 23, 2009

Robo Boogie

This guy is for a shop in Claremont W.A. called Store. He'd be good for a boy kidlets room I reckon.
I have had a certain comedy duo's CD playing on loop in the car for Charlie (thus the title of this post), and although it is hilarious (and a bit raunchy for a six year old, but only if you listen hard to the lyrics) I'm now hearing it as a loop in my brain.

Now here's a hypothetical for you- if you were staying at the "Craft for Fun, it's just a Hobby" camp, how many of you would want to hop in the canoe and paddle over to the "Serious Craft for Profit" camp across the lake? How long would you want to stay? And should the camps be separate?I worked on a girls Summer camp in Ely, Vermont many moons ago called Camp Wyoda. More than once we caught the campers returning after their midnight expedition to the boys camp across the lake.
To this day I don't see the harm in mixing things up..... but all frilly teddies with bobble earrings will definitely be chucked overboard!


  1. I definitely think that the happy campers can mix together and live happily every after.
    Cool robot!

  2. I'm thinking you might have read the article in The Age yesterday. It left me feeling a little bit unsettled to be honest.

    My response? Let's mix it up. There's room for everyone at my camp.

  3. Oh Liz, you don't know how crazy this question really is for me at the moment.
    I have decided (because I am a bit scared of open water) that I will have an island in the middle. I will bake occassionally and make tea and everyone who makes in any way or shape or form is welcome to pop over - from either camp.

  4. I loved your wonky canoe comment on Tinniegirl!! Chucking the lacy teddies overboard. That image cracked me up... because I could actually picture you physically doing that ha ha.
    As for your hypothetical: I'm all for making your camp wherever you feel like! Make it and give it away, make it and sell it, make it and tear it up, make it and take pix of it and put it on a blog and never use it or make it and make a motza... whatever. whatever keeps you happy. Totally room for one-and-all in this crazy big little world of ours.
    Honestly, pple (not you Liz, just pple generally) get so uptight over the definitions of things when we should just get on with life... mix it up, yes!

    p.s if there's a revolution going on, can it be fun too?


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