Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's all about Bags.

Firstly a big thanks to Cam from Curly Pops for featuring "Aunty Mabel's Handbag " while guest editing on Cuteable. It was a lovely surprise.
I've been thinking about bags lately. In fact I was reminded about a dream I'd had a while ago whilst browsing at the Sisters Market last Saturday. In amongst a lot of jumbled dreamy nonsense, I was buying a bag. It was a minor part of a larger story , but that's the bit I remember (I've been known to have slightly prophetic dreams).
So after seeing Tracy of Fat Mumma's array of bags and then honing in on the one with the most special panel of vintage fabric (from the junk shop around the corner from me ) I knew I needed to fulfill that prophecy.It's almost like wearing a piece of vintage lino!


  1. Oh be still my beating heart...bags are my obsession, combined with vintage lino it's just.too.much.

    P.S. I'm supposed to be working right now, I'm very naughty to be visiting you.

  2. I went over and checked out the gorgeous bags... I'm a little bag obsessive too!

  3. I just adore this baggy one, the handle is divine.


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