Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teeth Lost

I came across Sniffle Co's work on Etsy, or was it MySpace . I get confused as to which comes first in the chain of online linking. Any hoo, I like the wry humour in his work and the cuteness factor has something to do with it too. Oh and the fact we love cereal at our place, and I have the very bowl in the photo. Or did. It may have been broken and secretly binned by child.
The buttons above are called "Teeth Lost" and you get 5 x Cracked + 5 x Cavity Free Wooden Buttons. The Sniffle Co. designer just so happens to be John from the "Grates". The girls in the house are big fans of the Grates and own their last years release "Teeth Lost, Hearts Won". All this loosing of teeth, cute wearables and band members making the cute wearables seem strangely connected in a way only the internet can demonstrate.
And then yesterday we had our own "Teeth Lost" episode. On the way to school the first wobbly tooth decided to almost remove it's self from the gum. So a total extraction was performed and tooth put in a safe place. Later said tooth was misplaced, so a note to the fairy was composed. She got it OK and $ was discovered under pillow this morning. *Don't forget to leave a comment here if you want to be in the running to win a Betty Jo Cuckoo clock brooch. I'll draw the winner a week before Mums Day (Sunday May 3rd)


  1. We haven't had to resort to leaving notes yet but I am pretty sure it will happen

  2. I love the buttons they're adorable

  3. oh cute....
    loved seeing your work on cuteable...


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