Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tattoo You?

I've been thinking about tattoos. Not about getting one myself. Too needle phobic. I have keeled over too many times to mention getting woozy over needles.
Yesterday my fluffy cat needed veterinarian attention, and the nice Vet warned me to look away while brave Pedro had 2 needles.
I've loved many a tattoo I've spied in my people watching activities. And some I've thought whoa, bad choice. My Pa had a Bee tattoo on his forearm that fascinated me as a girl.But I have a soft spot for swallows, so I now have a Betty Jo Swallow brooch. The tattoo for those like me who couldn't, wouldn't or shouldn't.
Just after I wrote this post I found Justine from Mixtape had spotted some cool swallows on her Brisbane adventure!
P.S. Drawing the winner of the Mum's Day giveaway on Sunday night. Winner announced Monday. Not too late to enter!

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