Friday, June 19, 2009

Betty Jo Out and About....

Look, there's the lovely Megan from The Cats Meow selling some Betty Jo Designs. These pics. are gracing the pages of the Jetstar in flight magazine. They are from an article about Melbourne's charming Arcades and Laneways. Angela from Three Buttons nicely alerted me to this, as she has been Jetstarring to and from Japan. Check out her drool worthy images on her blog of Japanese loveliness from her travels.
Dragstar have a great store in King St. Newtown and a very cute website. This Betty Jo brolly pops up in their "Just In" section...then disappears, and reappears over and over!


  1. I saw your things in Bob Boutique today, they looked so cute!

    Allison x

  2. oh what gorgeous photos...
    they show of you designs so well...
    great stuff!!!


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