Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hong Kong Bargains....

Some op shop oddments I picked up the other day...all lovingly made in Hong Kong. If you happen to see me in an op shop buying anymore bric-a-brac please tell me to stop.....
These blow up hangers do come in handy.

In the 60's you collected these cards from WeetBix then sent 3/- for your VistaScreen to view them in 3D.
A girlfriend for "Little Barry" (Mr BJ's baby toy).


  1. oh i love your hong kong finds! so nice that little barry has a girlfriend ; )

    and also Im so happy to hear that the mirka mural inspires you AND you did an assignment on it. love it! at least now i know that you are looking at it too when you pass by : )

  2. Ha those inflatable hangers are hilarious!

  3. Love those inflatable hangers. I've had to scale down oppy shop visits due to a Bric a Brac problem.

  4. Had I seen those inflatable hangers in my local oppy I think I would have bought them too!!

    What will you do with the vista screen thingy?


  5. The hangers go well with Lily's vintage dresses.
    As for the Vista screen...I got it for the cards that came with it. Almost 100. Maybe good for swing tags?


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