Friday, July 17, 2009

Craft : Art : Design

The lines were blurred between Craft, Art and Design at the Design:Made:Trade Show currently on at the Exhibition Buildings in Carlton. Of course there was a large smattering of inspiring objects from the Design purists, but a lot of the products on display had a real crafty flavour, and could sit happily in either camp. This is pleasing to me. Some favorites were..........
*Great totes made from recycled billboards, and sari's by Let's.I left with one of these and it's already carried home the wet towels from the pool and the milk and paper from the corner shop!

Cards by Able and Game (and a great stall design by Anna Laura) Love the sentiment of this card.

One day I want this pendant, but I'll settle for some earrings for now.

*Special jewellery by Layla Starr. Their hand blown glass bubble necklaces are amazingly delicate, but very strong according to sisters Kate and Jessica (they accidentally dropped a box of them on the kitchen floor and they just bounced!)


  1. Wowser. Love the glass bubble necklace! I'm off to visit their site now...

  2. Love the card and the pendant. My daughter actually acknowledged how hard I worked when she first started working. It was the nicest thing she could have said. Made it all worthwhile.

  3. My mum had three kids under six...she worked way harder than I did!


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