Monday, September 21, 2009

Orange Owl

I was never going to be able to choose the best name for orange owlie because they were all so GOOD.
So the Randomly picked winner of the Betty Jo owl giveaway is "third bird" with the name Fergus!
"He reminds me of a real life Fergus who I know that has orange hair and is the NICEST and most wise person ever!"
There's some amazing printed fabric being created over at "third bird". Gorgeous colour palettes and jelly mould inspired graphics. Go and have a look!
I'm gearing up for the school holidays today. Lots of things happening (and some serious mooching about will be also employed).
I'm sure the friendly gnome and squirrel from the ride at the Coburg fruit market would be happy to occupy your kids if you're stuck for ideas.................


  1. Very exciting that I saw this little fella actually go into the post box. I ran into Betty Jo at the post office!

  2. Nice to meet you in the hood' Buttons by Lou Lou!


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