Saturday, October 17, 2009

Balloon Boy

It was fascinating how the media jumped onto the story of the Balloon Boy in Colorado. Totally reminded me of the Simpsons episode "Radio Bart" . Or "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"
All yesterday I listened to hourly updates, until finally the story unfolded and there was a happy result. Publicity stunt or not, I feel sorry for the kids in this family if ever they get into actual difficulty.
Hot Air Balloons
I love Hot Air Balloons, and was planning on going on a Balloon Flight in the Barossa Vally many years ago. It was with the same company that had recently had a bad accident with two balloons colliding in mid air.The night before I had a bad dream about Balloons and falling, so I decided not to go. I kind of regret it now.


  1. I followed that story too and was glad to hear he was safe. Hot Air Balloons seem to be popular right now, my daughter wrote a lovely story about one the day before. Shame you never got to go on one, maybe it's still in the wind (sorry about that) for you. I love the look of hot air balloons in the sky, they look so magical a bit like mini, portable rainbows xo

  2. Have you seen the movie "Up" - I highly recommend it (no pun intended...hehehe)


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