Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a few thoughts........

Yay !
- School holidays are over and it's time for some other professionals to be in charge of organizing activities.
- My beloved is travelling to Seoul for an exciting musical sojourn (double yay because the swine flu paranoia almost stopped the tour).
-The fact that modern technology will mean we can talk like we are just round the corner from each other.
- Being able to zip off an email or ten and have instant contact.
- Parcels arriving with a ring of the doorbell.
- Like this T-shirt!Sheesh !
- Daylight savings arriving the day before school returns and one of the more vital alarm apparatuses not being properly adjusted.
- Rushing in the mornings (adrenalin mixed with caffeine proves to be a shaky hand start to the day).
- I will be a "Band Widow" for two weeks.
- Remembering there is an email hidden in the murky depths of my in box that needs to be found and acted upon. ....searching, searching.
- The times when the typed word doesn't cut it , talking is funner!
- Buying clothes online is fraught with size uncertainty (or is this just me).

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