Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Super Women

There are a lot of Super Women in this town.
Generous, talented, friendly, crafty, funny, helpful girls that do nice stuff.
I had to come up with a small list of inspiring, influential people for an interview yesterday and you know what, they were all women artisans, and only one was not with us anymore (Rosalie Gascoigne).
Yesterday I had a lovely catchup with "Crafty Girl with Ruffle" and was presented with a custom made, Map 29 purse as a donation for my sons School fete on Saturday. So lovely.If you look closely Ann Marie has made the fabric with the Melways Map of the school.It will be auctioned on the day, and I'm sure will draw a great response.
So just a reminder, The Spensley St. Primary School Fete is on this Saturday 24th at 10.00.
If you're into Live music Mr. BJ's band, The Clear Spacemen are on stage at 3.30ish!
I know Ms.Curly Pops asked for the Melways Map reference, so here it is -Map44 1G
Speaking of Curly Pops and Super Women, there is a challenge going on to create your own version of Curly Pops alter ego "SuperPops".
I like a challenge, and a chance to avoid the jobs I'm meant to be doing , so last night I was thinking of dressing one of Lily's Cupie Dolls in a little SuperPops outfit....well that wasn't going to happen.
So I thought I'd create a Lino and Laminex SUPER CUPIE POPS.She has a Red Laminex headdress, cape and pumps to Give her extra SUPER CUPIE powers!
She has on her Super Cupie Pops apron with the famous motif, and attacks her evil foes with pegs ...pinching them within an inch of their lives!
She chills out with her Cupie posse when she is not fighting crime or hanging out the washing.....
I think I'm meant to post the photos at the end of the month, but oh well, no waiting for this girl!


  1. I'm glad you didn't wait. She and her cupie posse rock.

  2. Those little babies are so cute! I love that map purse too. Supersupercool.

  3. Hee heee she's fabulous! I love that red cape... I might need to make myself a fabric one to match.
    But the piece de resistance is the SuperPops logo on her chest!

  4. I think you're a bit of a super-woman, too.... who else would think to make a laminex and lino SuperPops?

  5. "and attacks her evil foes with pegs ...pinching them within an inch of their lives!"

    You crack me up Liz!!



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