Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Bonuses and Hiccups!

Playing along a day late with Loobylu's Hot and Not. Today I give you Bonuses and Hiccups.

-First up a Christmas Bonus!
These Owlie brooches told me they didn't want to be hanging around in the bottom of a box this Christmas. They want to fly free to new surroundings. So I am offering a Buy one, get one Half Price deal. A quick and easy stocking filler, and a present for yourself as well.
Get in first for the pick of the bunch. There will be free postage in Australia too. Just drop me a line.

-I only have one more order to ship out, then I shall take a breath!

- I think I have avoided any extended family Christmas shindiggs, thanks to having already done the relo thing only two weeks ago at my parents 50thAnniversary do.

-As for a real $ Christmas Bonus $- we're not counting on one. So we won't be doing a Clark Griswald and putting the down payment on a pool!

-In my mad rush to get parcels out before Christmas, I didn't realize Australia Post haven't been delivering for a few days due to a badly timed strike! They might be delivering now. No one is sure. Oh well, maybe some people won't get their goodies before Christmas after all.

-Boy home with a wobbly tummy today..that will slow things down considerably.

-No joy at Toys are Us . How do I tell Charlie that Santa has "Sold Out" of Night Vision goggles.....?

-Parking ticket giving out people that appear from nowhere. ME NO LIKE!


  1. do you know
    i think i saw night goggles among their items the other day

  2. Thanks for the tip.Had a look....all sold out.
    Plan B in action!


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