Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yay & Sheesh!

It's time for another Yay and Sheesh, joining in with Loobylu's Hot and Not.

- Looking forward to sharing a table at Made n' Thornbury market with Tinnie Girl this Saturday 12th December. I will be selling Betty Jo goodies of all shapes and sizes!
Plate of Owls

-A lovely family reunion was had on the weekend for my folks 50th wedding anniversary.Relos and friends from all over the country. Some I hadn't seen for 20 years! Held in my cousins beautiful gardens in Upwey. (yes, that's their garden path!)- Great T-Shirts by Mel Stringer on Red Bubble (thanks for the alert Sarah)- The purchasing of some gifts for a lovely girl from Sarah McNeil.

- Trying to organize a holiday this summer is proving to be a logistical nightmare. Maybe I'll just set up our tent in the backyard!
- Worrying about my big girl on camp at Wilsons Prom. as it rained all of yesterday and was freezing. I can picture me still worrying if my kids are warm enough well into their adulthood!
- Dreading a visit to Toy's are Us at Norfland. Nuf said!
-The on going saga of Tradesmen not turning I jinxed?


  1. Ooh, I was about to post something off to you, but i'll think i'll bring it in person (and make Cathy very jealous heehee). See you Sat!

  2. Gorgeous post, poor headless rabbit! Nahhh not jinxed that's how the majority of tradies are, shame they give the good guys a bad name, hang in there ;)

  3. That is the garden path?? How good that garden must be! Mel's tshirts are great and I too constantly worry that my children are warm enough. The fact that they come back from school swimming and sit around all afternoon in the chill with wet hair makes me anxious. xx


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