Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cut it Out!

This Owl clock nearly didn't get made yesterday.
Autumn Showers Owl Clock
It was mid afternoon and I had just plugged in the electric saw and started to cut out the mdf when Wham! Crack! A humongous storm hit .
There was the deafening sound of 6cm hailstones hitting the windows along with the instantaneous power cut and the acrid smell of burning in the air.
I wrongly thought my saw had blow up and I was "electrified". Took a few minutes off my life I can tell you!!!!
Having experienced the 100 year flood of 03' at our place with shin deep water swirling through the house, evacuations , insurance claims and minor heartbreak over lost possessions, we all get a bit nervous when it POURS!!!!
Best wishes to everyone who's experiencing storm damage and flooding(not just in Victoria, but up north too). My thoughts are with


  1. i'm glad you're ok .... nothing worse than that feeling of several years being taken off your life.

  2. Your owl clock is magnificent! And very pleased you've weathered (he heee) the storms okay...

  3. Wow - that did sound very scarey..and crazy weather!
    altho i would like to see a pic of you with (safe) electric saw.. you sound very 'handy'

  4. So glad your alright...
    I saw lots of the pics on the news...
    I hate storms and that one looked too scary...
    P.S Love the news story!!!


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