Monday, May 17, 2010

Donkey Love

Our trip out to Bundoora to see the tea cosies also involved a visit to Bundoora Farm. This has been a favorite place for both my kids and at the moment there are two of the most adorable, fuzzy, and cheeky donkies living there. So today I have found some old and new donkey goodies from Betty Jo headquarters to fly the flag for cute donkey design!

1.Cheeky donkey at Bundoora Farm. 2. Daisy the Lino Donkey
3."Wonky Donkey" bag tag made by me from Sisteroutlaws kit. 4.Donkey figurine (he's only as big as my thumb).And this is Don Dante Dustshelves by Ninon the Italian born, Berlin based softie maker who, in my humble non-experienced opinion, makes the cutest and bestest soft toys in the universe!
You can read about them here, and buy them here and here!

And right now there is a new post over at Find, Make, Do. Beautiful shiny, foily birdie jewellery by Tamsin Howells


  1. Sweet donkeys...they are such gorgeous animals. Don Dante is to take a look ;)

  2. It reminded me of a donkey nursery rhyme I came across recently when reading to my littlest:
    "If I had a donkey
    That wouldn't go
    Do you think I'd beat him?
    Oh, no, no!
    I'd put him in a barn
    And give him some corn,
    The best little donkey
    That ever was born."

    Love your shot of the real baby donkey!

    Hey, and Tro Tro is a kids' animation series, starring Tro Tro, the trumpet-blowin' junior donkey.


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