Monday, May 31, 2010

Farewell Autumn

Fare thee well Autumn, my most favorite of seasons. Winter is going to bring lots of new beginnings for me, so luckily I won't be sweating it out, just (hopefully) staying chilled and focused.
My last week or so of op-shopping had a decidedly Autumn feel about it. Here are some of my Autumny toned goodies all with that reddy/orangy colour scheme I can't escape!

Colourful Fire King mugs sitting happily with my new Tea cosy from the Tea Cosy Garden Exhibition.
Funky salt and pepper shakers made in Canada of all places.
A very 70's latch hook mini rug. I had my latch hooking moment in high school, making a fancy lime green toned mat for my bedroom!

Very nice selection of Bakelite buttons. Good for owls eyes and adorning various Betty Jo critters.
For more thrifted goodies, go and visit Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures.


  1. Very nice scores at the op shop ! What a great tea cosy too !

  2. Oh so many Autumn lovely things! Love those crazy coloured mugs!
    Sophie x

  3. Oohhh, I like that tea cosy! And the mini latch-hook mat looks very similar to the one my Mum made. Same colours.

  4. those red buttons - I give the prize to them!

    (Sorry - distracted by tonight's word I need to type in order for my comment to get through google spam filters - it's "boubster!!")

  5. love the tea cosy, I didn't manage to go to the exhibition.
    have a good first day of winter


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