Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Easy Being Green.....

......if you're a cat.
Green Cat Clock
Green Cat Clock.
Cat on 70's Couch
Cat on our recently purchased Retro 70's Green Velvet Lounge suite.
Thanks to Mr. Nice man at the Brunswick Brotherhood Oppy for the bargain. Bella has given it her stamp 0f approval.
Green Cats Kitchen Set (from the same era as my lounge I'm guessing)
If you like retro, cats, kitsch kitchenware and the colour green, these tick all the boxes!


  1. Love it all even though I'm not particularly fond of cats. That kitchen cat set is fabulous!

  2. Those cats would scare the heck outta my husband. I must find some...

    I have a vintage ceramic cat that my husband has banned from the bedroom, and whenever he finds it in our apartment he turns it to face the wall. Hee hee.

  3. Hey Virginia,
    I have a few cat figurines that would truely give your hubby the willies.Too funny!

  4. I have featured your rather nice cat clock on Cuteable this morning.

    Have a good evening

    Lynsey x

  5. your lounge set looks perfect! I love that room!!!

  6. aaahhh this post has way to much fabulousness going on in it!! LOVE!


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