Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Childhood is Timeless

An Invitation......
There's some Betty Jo lino creations now on display in the lovely, ornate Curious Oyster Shoppe window at 776 High St. Thornbury this month. Curious Oyster is run by the delightful Annliese, and it's chock a block with locally made goodies. Annaliese says "I handpick each item that sells in my lil shoppe. The criteria is that they are all eco in some way: organically made; sustainable; recycled or upcycled. But being green is not enough! Our goodies are GORGEOUS, fun and sometimes a little bit quirky!"
The installation is a satellite event of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed festival .The 2010 festival theme of ‘childhood’ is intended to inspire people of all ages, especially the young at heart!
If you mention you read about the Timeless Teaparty on Lino Forest you will get 10% discount on all Betty Jo Jewellery for sale at Curious Oyster from the 5th-26th August!
These very fleeting iPhone pictures will soon be replaced by "proper camera" photos. Or you could swing by and have a look in person. And step inside to check out the wares at Curious Oyster at the same time. There's a great cafe nearby called Northern Soul. You’ll find them on High number 843.... look out for the owl on the window!


  1. That's a great window display!

  2. I will definitely stop by and see it. Looks fantastic. Lou.

  3. I really wish I could go! That looks like a blast.

  4. Nice window! If you like store displays, you may enjoy the Retail Details blog. It's all about unique store display ideas. Check it out & leave me a comment if you like.
    ~Becky Tyre
    view blog at

  5. Oh it's so cool...
    I love the window display...
    I can see you have been very busy making new creations...Like the spoon in the corner...
    P.S...And I have to have that garden set...

  6. Can't wait to see it when I stop by tomorrow :)


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