Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crafty Mugs

I'm a sucker for mug. And I'm a sucker for a bit of opshopping. Today I combined the two and scored myself a stack of mugs. Look at them all nestled cosily in their box

Yes they really do stack!
Stacking Mugs
Piggy was winking at me cheekily, so he had to come home with me too.
Does this mean I'll have to bake to fill his barrel?
Update: Mr. BJ had a very negative reaction to the pig, reinforcing my decision to relocate him to my studio and fill his barrel with random "stuff" ( thus no baking will be required)
Piggy Cookie Jar
And I think it's high time I gave a big heads up to busy mum and zine creator Justine from Mixtape. As well as putting together a brilliant read with her craft zine Mixtape, she has been a great supporter of Betty Jo Designs and all us crafty mugs in Melbourne town and beyond!
I have my current issue right here and I'm going to read it with an Earl grey and a malt-o-milk or two! Enjoy......


  1. So insanely jealous of those stackers Liz.

  2. Me too. Not just jealous of the mugs, but the box too!

  3. My granny had those mugs! I used to adore them when I was a kid. We called them tiki mugs because they all came in these terrible (but now retro cool) tiki themed boxes.


  4. Those mugs are just gorgeous! I have quite a few similar, but nothing so impressive as matching and in a box!

  5. I grew up with those mugs - how they bring back memories! I can't believe that they stayed in such good condition!

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  7. Ooooh - I am sooooo very jealous of these mugs! I have some similar myself, but not as decorative and not in a box. That's a bit special. A lucky find indeed! Lucy :-)


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