Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Betty Jo in Lino
I am madly getting organised for Finders Keepers market on the weekend.
I have a wee dilemma though, mainly regarding how much stock to make and display.
Being a "more is more" kinda girl, I like to offer a big, bright selection of goodies, but in the past I have found that too much choice actually slows down sales as people get a brain overload and have to think too much.
I guess I'll just gauge it on the day. What do you prefer when you go to a market... LOTS of things to choose from, or a nice little selection ?
Tray o' Brooches
And if you are a market pro...what works best for you?


  1. As a shopper I like lots of things to choose from - as a seller, I have no clue what works best!

  2. It is a conundrum isn't it? A goodly amount but not overcrowded works best for me - you can always add as the day progresses I s'pose. I like the way you have used the box to diplay things.

  3. Stock sells stock honey, people love choices!! If you want an uncluttered table - GET ANOTHER TABLE!! Tee hee, you've seen my stall, bigger is better. Good luck, love Posie


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