Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giving Doilies the Chop!

Today I brought home this big armful of doilies and tablecloths from the op shop. Having recently evolved into a trendy eco-friendly style funky kind of op shop, it was staffed by a trendy eco-friendly funky kind of girl. The Nana's had long gone (probably in shock) and when she asked what I was going to do with the doilies, I didn't mind telling her I was going to CHOP them up! This is some thing I never bother mentioning to the Nana's.
To illustrate my point, the opshop girl told me about a cushion cover she crotched for her Nana as a gift. When she saw it next , it had been undone and "straightened up" by Nana.
Obiously she couldn't live with WONKY! I also don't think many Nana's could live with CHOPPING. When I'm a Nana I will be Wonky and Chopping's biggest Fan!


  1. thats rather a nice haul for your chopping block!

  2. You've certainly got some beauties there. I can understand Nana's being upset about all their hardwork chopped up but it is far better than leaving them in the hall cupboard to get yellow and marked with fold lines and mildew. People still get to enjoy their ubeauty when we chop them up and to be honest quite a few out there have been mass produced anyway. We seldom cut straight through spomeone's embroidery. Cherrie

  3. Total score!! My children say to 2nd hand book shop owners (you know the kind who peer down at your from over the top of their glasses) that "Mummy is going to rip out the pages" thanks guys!! Love Posie

  4. I keep buying these then havent got the heart to chop them up ...I need to steel myself ...I have done it once or twice recently because I only keep them in a box and whats the point of that ....look forward to seeing what you do with these ....x

  5. At 33 I'm no grandma but noooo how can you chop them?


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