Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good (ish) Weekend!

Ooops, it seems like I missed a Bogtoberfest post yesterday. I did try, but my desktop is back to being on the blink after a trip to the doctor to get a whole new hard drive...nothing but hassles that's been!
I jumped on the laptop right at the end of the night after wresting it from daughter, but it is a stubborn beast and basically wouldn't work either.Today it's playing nice (so far) .......
Nope, spoke too soon, but tried the desk top and it's working now...but the printer has stopped *insert Marge Simpson throat grumble*
Saturday was Wet in Melbourne town. I spent all day at my son's School fete getting quite damp, and feeling a bit cheated as the day before had been practically summery. I don't think the kids minded and of course the sun did come out at the END of the day.My friend was taking portraits all day and I had to get one to have a record of the gorgeous velvet backdrop. I'm looking quite pleased with my $3.00 jacket from the fete that was a LIFESAVER as I sat on the Craft stall in the Wintery chill, while Charlie is looking kinda glum, as I had just put a stop to him consuming a whole packet of chewy at once.Now for a game of "I spy". Madeleine from Little Birdsville sent me a link to a house for sale in Yarraville. And who should be hanging on the wall? Green and yellow Owl clock!

And speaking of cool emailed links...Sally from Georgie Love sent me link for these edible Sugar Skulls, and Grace from Little Black Crow linked me up to this etsy shop FULL of Mexicali skull jewellery.
Don't forget there's lots of skully action and giveaway treats on Find, Make Do at the moment!


  1. Oh yes, 'tis not volunteering at a school fete unless you freeze or get sun stroke, nothing inbetween!! Love Posie

  2. Well you can expect to freeze and suffer sun stroke all in one day with Melbourne's crazy weather!

  3. I saw those skull beads the other day in Sydney and thought of you :)


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