Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life's a Beach

After my beachy post yesterday, me and the boys decided we would hit the beach ourselves.
We headed for South Melbourne, and even though the water was sort of cloudy after all the rain, the boys went for a dip (with strict instuctions not to put their heads under). Not one to sit idly on the sand I took my trusty rubbish bag and collected some beach debris. As you can see , the plastic refuse was in plentiful supply.
Even though the beach is a bit iffy, I still have a soft spot for old South Melbourne.
The first ever house I lived in when I moved out of home was a tiny terrace in South Melbourne near the old Swans footy oval. Then about eight years later Mr BJ and I got married in the Hotel Victoria (see pic) opposite the pier, when it was a real pub and not fancy shmancy apartments.
After the celebrations, we spent the night in the third floor suite with the little tower look out.


  1. Check out you & your colourful rubbish finds. Bet some people were muttering "i guess she doesn't like shells"?? Love Posie

  2. I did get strange looks from the folk at the fancy cafe on the beach.
    Hope you have a great Chrissy and another craftacular year ahead!
    festive greetings Lizxx

  3. I'm always a bit saddened (by the reality) but Amazed at what you find on your trawls, Liz. And then the way you can transform it into art - so very clever.

    Have a fun Chrissy Miss Lizzy.


    p.s I wouldn't be staring at you - I'd be down there fossicking alongside you!

  4. I do love your plastic collages, but part of me is sad that you could find that much litter on the beach.

    Happy Christmas! Hope you had a lovely day!


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