Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merri Rubbish Rainbow

Merri Creek Rubbish Rainbow
After the tropical storms we've had lately, so much rubbish has been washed down the drains and into our waterways it's like someone has sprinkled the banks and shores with weird and colourful Xmas decorations. But look closely and it's crappy non Biodegradable plastic that never breaks down.
Here's a small selection from the banks of my nearby Merri Creek.
I've just recently discovered The Two Hands Project " a new and collaborative approach to cleaning up your world. Whether to improve the health of our oceans, or to simply clean up unsightly trash in one of your favorite parks, Two Hands is easy… Two hands takes the spirit of huge national and international cleanup days, bringing it back to the individual, allowing you to care for the place most important to you, anytime you want."

And for rubbish you can share, I made up some cards with my Willy beach plastic for Markit, and some more will be available at the Made'n' Thornbury market next Saturday


  1. ewww....that dummy, grossing me out! see you at thornbury, hope it's not quite this hot.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Your card looks really beautiful! I am definitely going to spend at least 30 minutes this week cleaning up around the river where I live. That video was really inspiring. Thanks!


  3. Yes, it's all a bit gross but I did wash my hands thoroughly! See you on Saturday Madame Minnie A!
    Hey Sandra , it's not that hard to take a bag and fill it on a nice walk. I just watch out for syringes and other ikky unmentionables!


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