Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Xmas Memo!

It's now officially December cue the Christmas images!
We all know how Santa tends to be in more than once place at the same time. He's virtually omnipotent, and, according to my son the "Awesomest man in the World."
I'm secretly pleased I get another year of Santa bribery (you know, "Santa won't visit little boys if they have been naughty !"), but of course the payoff is Santa gets a perfect score when it comes to adulation and adoration!
Santa=10, Parents who actually buy, hide and wrap the presents =0
I was just flicking through my Christmassy posts over the last three years and noticed the same little guy in red pops up in all the photos.
Xmas stuff
Anyway , there's only three and a half weeks till Christmas.
And if you think you deserve a present just for getting this far..pop over to Find, Make, Do and enter the BUMPER Christmas Giveaway.
There's some cute and crafty gifts up for grabs!


  1. These are so pretty <3

  2. That santa is such a cutie...mind if i take him home for christmas? hehe Anyway thanks for sharing.


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