Monday, February 21, 2011

Customer Service Announcement

Betty Jo Designs
Do you own a Betty Jo Designs product that is looking a little shabby?
Maybe a button has popped off , the toddler grabbed it, it went through the wash or it fell off your cardie and a truck squished it.
All these things have happened to my jewellery. And even more extreme events. I remember one friends birdy brooch flew, I mean fell off a cliff, and another was on a coat that got nicked at a bar.
Well if there is anything that needs repairing on your favorite Betty Jo item, all you need to do is email me, mail it back to me and I will repair or replace (if it was faulty), free of charge.
For total losses, I will only charge a wholesale replacement cost and will endeavor to make you another piece just as nice!
Now if every one sends their goodies back to me at once, there may be a little wait, but I will fix em up good as new.
Once when I worked at another costume jewellery company , I spent a whole day each week repairing customers broken jewellery. And this stuff wasn't cheap!
So I know costume jewellery does break, things come off or clasps give up the ghost.
My aim is to get your Betty Jo Designs brooch, pendant or clock back on the road so everyone is happy!!!!

This has been a customer service announcement from Betty Jo Designs.


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