Friday, February 25, 2011

May I Take Your Coat ?

My house has been in total disarray for two weeks while we've had the old lath and plaster walls fixed and painted. It's been constantly raining plaster dust indoors but "Hooray", today it's finished! Everything we owned had to be packed up in boxes or moved, and for a gal that likes "Stuff" it was a BIG job.
But it's given me an excuse to have a moderate cull. When I can face unpacking the dozens of boxes that is.
So if you hang around the opshops in Thornbury enough you might just see some of my things.

I did have time to make a new clock design yesterday. It's the "May I Take Your Coat" Clock. See it sitting on my freshly painted mantlepiece. I think I would be good for a wee girls bedroom (or a big girls too).


  1. Oh it's super gorgeous! You didn't happen to pitch out any vintage dresses by any chance?

  2. Oh, it's just lovely! You're so clever!!

  3. Are you dropping hints about the Curly Pops dress Cam?
    Sorry wearing it today and I seriously can't part with


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