Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finders Keepers #2

In two weeks Betty Jo Designs will be selling her goodies at the second Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne. Located once again in the massive warehouse space " Shed 4"in the Docklands - address :Victoria Harbour, North Wharf Road, Docklands. If this address sounds like you will be venturing to the end of the are not far off. But check out the map on the website and you won't get lost!I found some shots from last years market which will be handy to help me remember some display ideas. As I rarely do markets, I haven't got many tried and true display tricks and generally lump props and stuff on the table and hope for the best.(sshh don't tell ).
This time I have some new ideas that involve op shopped paintings, brooches and easels.
I'm hoping I'll have the chance to peruse some of the other stalls and maybe (if things go well) spend a few pennies .
Here are some of my picks from the line up.Oktoberdee (yummy bags)
Cat Rabbit (cute felty goodies)Kristina Brenke (silver jewellery with silky embroidery)Ra Ra Superstar (sweet vintage party dresses)


  1. Is it wrong that i want EVERYTHING in this post in my life?? Love Posie

  2. Well a bit wrong, because if you have them all too we can never be seen together in public!!!!


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