Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finding Betty Jo

Hello again if you jostled on the tram with footy fans or manoeuvred the car through the concrete jungle of the docklands and found me today at Finders Keepers.
And hello to those who plan to visit tomorrow. It is such a big shed of creative goodness that you will need a few hours to absorb it all.....and remember, alot of us don't have credit card facilities, so stop off at your nearest ATM before you arrive just in case your feeling spendy!
Oh and hello if you don't live in Melbourne, or have other important things to do this weekend. There's lots on thats for sure.


  1. hope you had a great day Liz and hope tomorrow is even better!

  2. Thanks Cathie,
    If last time is anything to go by, Sunday will be at least 3x better!!!( fingers and toes all crossed)

  3. Betty Jo- your Portlandia sign made my day!!! Hope you have an excellent day today.

  4. looks amazing! im heading in shortly. cant wait!

  5. Thanks Jenny,
    Lucy told me you had visited. Incognito I hear.
    I actually sold somes birds, and saw a zillion on stuff, all the while having to hold my tongue in case the catch phrase slipped out!

  6. Hope you had a great time Evie!

  7. Gorgeous set up, Liz. Such a pity I couldn't make it down to say hello. Hope you had an excellent weekend.


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