Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello Autumn

Today Charlie and I tried to spot any trees that had started to change colour. Way too early of course, but I am itching for some autumn tones to brighten up our soggy landscape.
It's no secret I'm partial to a splash of orangy, browny red!
I tend to often find Lino in these colours...........or does the lino find me?
Hello Autumn
We have all learnt to deal with the shifting seasonal changes in today's mixed up climate.This time a few years ago we were sweltering well into March. The inbetweeny Autumn fashions didn't get a look in. But this year, it's looking good.
This dress from Irving Baby! would certainly help me shift into Autumn mode.
Which I would wear with these "to die for" vintage boots if I could justify the discomfort of squashing my toes in a size too small!

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  1. Thanks for posting about my boots! Your blog is awesome!


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