Monday, April 11, 2011

Put a Hex on You!

How chilly have the nights been getting! I've had to pull out my woolly blankies and cosy socks to warm me up in bed. As it happens one of my blankets turned out to be a bit of inspiration for some new brooches.
Lino Hex Brooches
The hexagon shape is not very original I know. Patchworking peeps have been using it with spectacular results for decades.
Lino Hex brooches
But I have given them my own twist with layered vintage lino and op shopped button from my collection.
As I hand cut them (without a pattern) they are all a wee bit wonky. So sorry to all you mathematicians out there, I'm not majorly precise, but you get the idea.
I remembered I had kept this very sweet babies patchwork rug (sadly all my bubbus are big now) which has been constructed entirely from small hand-pieced hexagons. Such pretty fabric, and all hand stitched. Maybe it can be transformed into a cushion.

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  1. Oh the quilt is gorgeous. And I like your wonky hexagons. Nothing is perfect in this life...


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