Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fresh Cuckoo Clocks

Yellow Rose Cuckoo Clock

Yellow Rose Cuckoo Clock in original design. Gone to live at Love And Clutter in Hobart.I don't need to worry about the clocks not making the Bass Straight crossing safely as I just noticed this tweet from Love and Clutter: "Gorgeous cuckoo clocks have just arrived from @MissBettyJo. What better way to show the passing of time than designing with vintage lino." PHEW, thats a relief!

And now there are new Betty Jo Cuckoo Clock's available. A bit smaller and cuter. They have a little balcony too!

The Pink Rosy one is now available at Pussycat Black's city store (sorry about the blurry iphone pics.) The one on the right may be hanging out with me for a while as I'm in love with the new bits of lino I used to make it (except if someone makes me an offer!!!) Big thanks to Peter from my favorite opshop for finding the lino for me. Isn't it spesh!

P.S. If the new clocks take your fancy, just contact me for a quote!


  1. Love your clocks one day I shall get me one.

  2. Thanks Nelly...please do!! xx


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