Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rainbow Connection

I'm having a wee Facebook sale. All Rainbow Orb Broochess are 25% off and shipping is free!!!
Pop over to Betty Jo's Facebook page and click on "Shop Now". Too easy! Just nominate the colour you'd like and Bob's your Uncle.
Beach Rainbows
There's a bit of Rubbish Rainbow action happening on the internet at the moment.Thanks to one of my fave blogs Junk Culture for featuring them. And in the weird and wonderful way the web interconnects, they have popped up all over the place including Craft Magazine and Boing Boing.
Rubbish Rainbows
I hope they have brightened up peoples day and sent a little message about the problems with our disposable culture.


  1. and another one of my favorites:

    Beautiful to see everywhere!

  2. These are great. They remind me of one of my favourite sculptors, Tony Cragg.



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