Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Updates!

A selection of Betty Jo goodies are now available on Bluecaravan.
Bluecaravan is a venue for buyers and sellers of all things independently designed and ethically made. It’s about lovely, interesting and edgy products - beautifully finished,made with heart, and bought directly from the designer/maker.
A just to let you know, there is heaps happening at The Harvest Workroom in the coming months.
Betty Jo will be popping in to run some colourful workshops.
Go and have a peruse of all the exciting opportunities to get your creative juices flowing.Can you imagine the amazing fun you would have in a Beci Orpin Workshop?
And on the shopping front, I have been spoiling myself op shopping over the last few days.
I had a date with the lovely Vona at my favorite oppy Careworks on Friday. Vona (otherwise known as The Button Lady) bought in some buttons, doilies and haby goodies especially for me .
Vona has been co-ordinating buttons at several northern suburbs op shops over the years and I have followed her as she moved on as each oppy closed. I think she is happy at her new location . I know I am happy she is near by!
And yesterday I discovered Mill Park Savers...Oh My!!!!!!!

P.S. I'm drawing the Brooch Giveaway on Monday night. There's still time to enter.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the workshops,
    they look great. I'd love to print some fabric! :-)

    We moved up the Hume a while back, and
    aside from the wonderful country ops nearby,
    I also excitedly discovered there was a new
    Savers, opening not far from us, in Mill Park.
    The day we visited everything was 40% off.
    Yay! It was a promotion for their facebook page!

    Apparently Savers has some sort of facebook club with special discounts for all their friends...

    does everybody else know about this?

  2. Thanks Anna Maria,
    I'd better be careful, I almost spent $100.00 there yesterday :)


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