Monday, June 20, 2011

The Great Pumpkin!

Today I am bowing down before the Great Pumpkin. It's the wonder vegy at our place. Every member of the family likes it. Pumpkin Soup Rules!!
Yesterday I picked up one at our schools annual Harvest Festival ( I'll be attacking it soon to roast for dinner).

Today I was stringing up imitation Pumpkins, and getting Harvesty with the brooch making.Time to get those vegies roasted!


  1. Yay for pumpkins! I think we should do more of a pumpkin festival thing to mark the seasonal changes down here in the Southern Hemisphere, don't you?
    Yep my crew love Pumpkin soup too, esp thai style. Yumness.

  2. Yes, Hooray for a Australasian pumpkin celebration! Halloween and Thanksgiving ain't meant for us south of the Equator folk.

  3. i totally love snoopy and totally love pumpkins!
    i love pumpkins so much that even the chore of cutting off the damn tough skin and nearly slicing a finger off in the process plus getting those pesky seeds stuck everywhere is totally worth the bother!

  4. Yep, I love Linus and his pumpkin obsession.
    I make my job of cutting a pumpkin doubly hard because I avoid the sharpest knife (and choose the semi sharp one) just to preserve my clumsy digets!


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