Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I had an afternoon free yesterday while Mr BJ took the tribe to the movies.
Did I do housework? No.
Did I do Betty Jo work? No.
Did I plonk down with a book for the whole time and do research. YES!!
I kind of miss finding out about stuff now my studying days are a distant memory. I loved the pre-internet era of my Uni days. Going to the library and getting a stack of books to peruse and queuing up at the photo copier!
There is no prizes for guessing the topic off my research. Yes, it was "Linoleum".
I recently purchased this excellent book by Jane Powell called "Linoleum" and I've concluded she is the go to person for all the info one needs on the topic. Jane Powell cannot stress enough...Vinyl is NOT Linoleum, or Congoleum, or Marmoleum ( all environmentally friendly products by the way!).

I am having a love affair with this atomic age print linoleum!
I am also busy working on some secret squirrel business that involves viewing some breath taking artwork by some contemporary Australian artists.
And the magic material that links these artists is..you guessed it. Linoleum!
Go Bert...you are so on my wavelength.


  1. I'm going to be singing that all day! I love Bert and Ernie :)

    Your new venture sounds exciting...can't wait to hear more! x

  2. "linoleum" is hardly a nerdy Bert thing in your hands "la la la la Liz".

  3. Cool thanks for that little lesson in linoleum! i'M GONNA HUNT DOWN THAT book on Book Depositry or somewhere.. looks great.
    Sesame St vintage rocks our house!

  4. teehee there's this quote from buffy where xander says something along the lines of, 'i'm a teenager boy, linoleum would get me excited'
    makes me giggle now everytime i read/see/hear the word linoleum!
    love the look of that book though!!
    see you tomorrow night!

  5. Ha, You would be giggling alot in my studio Nicole. Lino in every nook and crany. No teenage boys though (and that is a very good thing!)


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