Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sew Far Sew Good

Yesterday I whipped up a couple of new "Sew Far Sew Good" Sewing Machine brooches, because I know there are a few of you who like getting chummy with a sewing machine!
I have named this new Owl Clock "Eureka", because everything he is made from (except his beak) are things I gathered on my little Ballarat sojourn.IMG_7307
Check out my side bar for info about the POP UP Studio Sale . Lots of pretties will be available!


  1. Love the sewing brooches... do you think maybe, one day.. cos I'm curious, that you could show the back of a brooch? I can't imagine what a lino brooch back would look like cos I'm picturing 50year old greying newspaper stuck to them!!

  2. Fabulous! They're great, Liz. Eureka is very apt. ;o)

  3. Liz i would love a sewing machine brooch. How can i get one?

  4. Hi Liz - I NEED to buy a sewing machine brooch! Please let me know how!

  5. I love the sewing brooches-very cool!

  6. Need a sewing machine brooch please. Can I bagz the blue one ( :
    What a clever gal you iz coming up with them xx


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