Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Like a Rainbow.

Like a Rainbow
To help me forget one of those dentist visits none of us care to remember, I'm having a play around with some colored "stuff" while waiting for the anesthetic to wear off.
If I was actually talking to you right now I'd be calling this post "Li a Wainbo".
Thank you blog for keeping me occupied xxx


  1. Lol, you're doing great even with a mouth full of dentist!!!!!

  2. Oh, ick!!!!!! That sounded terrible, sorry.. I didn't mean 'that', just ugh, sorry. Didn't get much sleep last night - rough night with the baby.
    What I meant was, considering how you're suffering from dentistry stuff.. you're doing a great job keeping yourself distracted! Does that sound better. Hmm, I think I'll go have a nap!

  3. that looks awesome. i love that you can look around it several times and keep seeing something else fantastic not noticed earlier. I say milk your handicapped mouth as long as you can...hope the rest of your household pitches in while you recover!

  4. The dentist didn't mess with your sense of colour thankfully. What a gorgeous creation. Hope your not in too much pain my friend.


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