Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Glean Queen

I had a catch up with Lois aka "The Glean Queen" yesterday. Lois is arguably the best skip diver North of the Yarra! But first stop was the pile of junk in her neighbours garden which was the remains of a demolished retro 50's kitchen. I scored some lovely Basketweave Laminex from the old bench top. I'm partial to a bit of Basketweave design!I was also the happy recipient of this funky lino covered shelf that Lois rescued from a skip.
Funky Lino
Well it wasn't really in the skip .The builder was using it as a ramp to wheel up his rubbish filled wheelbarrow into said skip. No taste obviously!
These rescued bits will most likely end up in Gleaners Inc. fashioned into something other than their intended use...because thats the way we like it!


  1. is this the same Glean Queen from the thornbury womens house business course?

  2. wow lovely finds, and I do like it that you have the matching magazine advert! now That is Style

  3. I can't believe that bit was being used as a wheelbarrow ramp. The mind boggles!


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