Monday, September 12, 2011

How tall are you?

If you like to measure your wee ones to see how they are "shooting up" (growing like beanstalks, not the other kind!), this Betty Jo version of a growth chart is for you. "Geri Giraffe" would be happy in any retro inspired kidlets abode, or even in a kid free zone just looking decorative.
Geri is a unisex beast. He/she would work for both boys or girls
.Geri Giraffe Height Chart
So everybody, meet Gerald/Geraldine.
Big thanks to the* ideas chick* Julianne from Sister Outlaws who is all about seventies craftin' and shared her vision for Geri!


  1. Tooooooo adorable! Who wouldn't want to grow up with Geri in their room? That orange lino is just the ticket!

  2. Love Geri.
    I have a giraffe loving boy, but he is a bit big for him now.
    Too cute!


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