Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Button Time!

Ok, I am a wee bit annoyed. A few years ago I found some clock buttons at Spotlight and they were perfect for my cuckoo clock brooches. I was happy to go through the sometimes trying experience of shopping at Brunswick Spotlight to get these babies. But then I saw they were being DISCONTINUED!
cuckoo mosaic
So I bought all the remaining ones in pink, green and purple and slowly but surely used them all up.Of course now I still have to make cuckoo clock brooches but don't have the buttons.
I had an idea of using real watch faces, but it's not to the liking of a particular interested party.
So does anyone have a stash (or even one or two) of these buttons they could spare? Or have a nice button shop near them that has them in stock? Let me know and I will repay you in kind or in cashola. I have seen some okayish ones on etsy, but they're not quite the same. And they don't necessarily need to be pink!


  1. No buttons here, but I do have a supply of watch faces.

  2. I love your brooches! Hope you find a new source for your buttons. I've linked to this post on my Facebook page, so my friends can see your gorgeous creations :)


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