Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy Lizzie

Yep, that's me. Making, planning, organising, writing stuff , photographing, selling, shop girling, Mumming {big job that one} and what else? Oh that's right, blogging {albeit less often than I used to}.
new doily skull
{new doily skull clock}
And because it's all about Doilies in Betty Jo's studio, at Gleaners Inc. and in day to day life it seems, I can NOT look around the online world or in reality any more with out seeing a doily or six.
ducks in shop
{new Flying Ducks}
Today at the pool..doily trimmed bathers, in the trashy mags...doily dresses, not to mention the AMAZING doily creations arriving for the "I say Doily, you say Doyley" exhibition.
I even had a doily moment yesterday evening when catching up with my old school friend.
We were both wearing doilies!!
<span class=
Talk about embracing our inner Nana!


  1. Wow great Skull clock! Love it <3
    Inspiration Inspiration :D

    Did you allready shared your skull clock on the A skull a day blog ?
    They will defenitely love it too.

    Lots of lovely and creative greets from Susan from the Netherlands, a co-blogger (click on my name to check out Dutch and English)

  2. Thank you Susan. I've only just discovered A skull a day blog, but didn't notice thay take submissions. Will definitly share the skulls

    1. I'm sure they will definitely like your clocks. So looking forward to the day that your skull clocks will be shown over there and read all the comments ;). Maybe you will even sell a few! ;). Creative greetings from Susan


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