Saturday, February 11, 2012


happy dress
I'm having a lot of conversations lately. Nice chatty ones when I'm in the shop talking about things like : finding studio spaces, sleeping patterns of babies, dentists, cycling, finding old lino, Nana's china, memories of childhood.
I tune out a bit when the conversation shifts to the state of The Economy. Then my eyes drift away and I start humming in my head.
I have been having a few online conversations lately too. Talking about doilies and exhibitions, handmade products for Gleaners Inc. and catching up with old buddies.
I love the banter between my chatty facebook friends. Back and forth with witty repartee. So much fun! And lets not forget instagram. That's super fun too, but it's more like chatting in pictures.
I just discovered blogger now lets you have conversations by allowing you reply in the comment section. Why am I so slow to realise these things??? Well I'm a wee bit busy by day and I don't have a computer at the shop (by choice), so it's just the iphone or nothing!
Talking about blog comments, here are two I received yesterday.
This one is my all time favorite: "totes presh! <3" (Short, sweet and to the point!)
This is one of my least favorites (because it's spam baby) "Hello. Great job. I did not anticipate this. This is a impressive story. Thanks!"
What sort of conversations do you like best? Face to face, online tweety talk or my least fave, phone conversations?


  1. I'm with you - can't stand talking on the phone. I like face to face with cappucino and cake!

  2. Yes, over the table chatting is the best!!!

  3. I must say my most favorite conversations are just about that too... creativeness, growing vegies and cardigans!!!

    1. Ooh yes, Creativeness *tick*, cardigans *double tick*, and maybe more about eating rather than growing vegies for me as my vegy patch has been neglected of late!

  4. I'm not keen on phone conversations either! I like Facebook and Twitter convos but nothing beats face to face :)


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