Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blogging and all that jazz.....

At the moment I feel like I have lost my way a bit when it comes to blogging.  I hardly know who I am talking to. Of course there is the lovely online network of like minded people who I have come to know in real life or via the internet.
But there is also the big wide world of anonymous readers that may have only clicked onto Lino Forest because they were searching for a particular image on google or looking for info on Linoleum flooring products. Hello if you may have been googling maps of Australia...or Peter Allen song titles!

"I Still Call Australia Home" brooch

Some people may  read blogs regularly, but wouldn't know the author from a bar of soap. Alternatively some readers think they really know a blogger even though they have never talked to them face to face.
It's all a bit other- worldly and surreal if you think about it.
Anyhoo, I have purposely not made this blog super personal because of this. Even though I tend to spend alot of my day chatting to people in my shop, I'm pretty shy and not into over sharing with total strangers.
As mostly everyone has their own share of hardships to overcome in their lives...I think it can sometimes be a bit too much reading about other peoples.
That said, would blog readers just be content with colourful product pictures and crafty updates.
Should we leave all the other stuff out? Sometimes, all the time.What do you think?


  1. Good questions Miss Liz, I guess I prefer a bit of a mix but the emphasis on crafty stuff, lovely design etc...

  2. Liz, you know what I do - it's mostly all about show and tell, but I have the occasional rant in there too. I like to read bits and pieces of the "real" person when I real blogs, but mostly it's about the making and the doing.

  3. Excellent question I think.
    I used to have a bit of a moan about stuff that was going on with us.
    But nowadays, I just keep it to the makes and show & tell.

    A mix is probably best, but not for me at the moment!XX

  4. I like a bit of a mix :) I feel a bit more invested in a blog if I know a bit about the blogger.

    Enjoy your day

  5. I like a show-and-tell blog, but also if it reflects the individual personality of the blogger. I like to have some sense of the real person behind the craft. The odd rant or real-life update is all a part of that, but constant nitty-gritties of real life and lots of soul-searching doesn't grab me. Like you say, we all have stuff going on. Balance. It's all about balance....

  6. I like mostly craft with a little bit of real life thrown into the mix. I've been sticking mainly to crafty show and tell lately!

  7. What allthose lovely ladies up above said ;)

  8. Before I felt brave enough to blog, I read your blog all the time as a template - because I always loved your blogs! Your blog was my inspiration! I think you pitch it pretty perfectly. I always got a sense of your personality through your turn of phrase and witty titles and wonderful work. I like to get a sense of the person. I like that there are pictures of you sometimes too.I think yuo already have the mix right. Even when I click on a strange new blog, I like to get a personal voice (but not too much information!!) Your blog is about your creativity Liz, so blog about whatever is fueling that, be it personal, visual or aural.

  9. I mostly like show and tell, but like most commenters above I also like to know there's a real person there. I don't want to read long 'poor me' rants, but I do like to read that other people have struggles with their creativity now and then, or are knocked down for a week with a cold. It makes people more relatable and normal. I cleansed my blog reader yesterday of all blogs that are just 'round ups' of things they've found on the web. I can see that content on pinterest (and do, over and over!). I'm much more interested in the smaller people!

  10. Thanks for the insights ladies. I guess those blogs that make you think " Whoa,too much information" have their place, but sharing heavy stuff with complete strangers is a bit too Jerry Springer for me.
    Give me fabulous, original, clever and friendly blogs that are not elitist , whingy or self important! Any pretty pictures dont hurt!

  11. Its your blog and what you want to post interms of who you are and what you think and feel is entirely up to you. It shouldnt be about what others think or want. Your blog is not going to be everyones cup of tea. So dont overthink it just do what you feel is right.

    Helen :)

  12. I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!


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