Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lucky me, Lucky you.

 Lucky me was given a very appropriate gift on the weekend by the lovely Julianne from Sister Outlaws.
These cute vintage wooden construction blocks with a very snappy name.
With a wave of my magic Ryobi, I have  fashioned some of them into necklaces. I have named them "Lucky Slot" necklaces. I am not promising they will bring you endless luck, but people will notice you when you are wearing one. Maybe, just maybe, that person who notices you is a talent scout or a movie director and wants you to act in an important doco or feature film!!!
I am wearing one right now. I haven't been noticed yet, but I'm sure any moment some good luck will befall me. And the way things are right now in my little world, I could sure use some.


  1. I need all the luck I can get!

  2. Well Lucky Liz! I knew these blocks had to go to you. I love what you've done with them too! I love how the colour has seeped inot the wood. I think I have some more goodies for you too....Oh and the girl from the market stall where I bought them was lovely and had a fantastic stall - complete with Jenny Kee knitting book. Her etsy shop is called Sandshoe Vintage!


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