Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 You can call me a blogger tease , but I am only showing you *glimpses* of my place because the wide screen vista is  pretty much disorganised chaos and bedlam.
 I like instagram filters because you can't see the dust as clearly. Cobwebs..what cobwebs?
 Smudgy windows ? Maybe, but with the Earlybird filter you would never know!
This is where my love affair with orange was rekindled. My burnt orange splash back that might need a wipe.... but with Lo-fi it's all good!
Some of the stuff that will probably end up in Gleaners Inc. Either way I still have to dust it :(
 I like a bit of coloured glass, but this Liz made lead light didn't shape up too well after my cat jumped at it trying to catch a blowie. Thanks  again Lo-fi for giving me cleanish windows...nice one!

So there, you didn't get to see the "honest" version of my kinda messy home. Call me a boring fibber, but pictures of washing piles, Lego strewn floors, streaky windows and dusty corners are not interesting and will not be given screen time......unless I get enough comments telling me they would really love to see the pots in my sink or the cat fur all over the couch!


  1. Enjoyed taking a glimpse into your dust-free, cobweb-free, smudge-free house ... I need filters on my camera too!!

  2. haha! your house is cute! i do the same thing. no one wants to see dirty underwear on the bathroom floor or a sink of dishes, right?

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