Friday, June 22, 2012

Vintage Decal Decor

Way back in 2008 I showed you my Rye oppy score of a big pile of vintage decorative transfers or Decals. Well do you know what? I have never used them. I dug them out yesterday and now have plans to try to tranfer them onto..... as yet I'm not sure. Any suggestions??

This crazy eyed rabbit reminded me of the drumming teddy I had on my cot as a bubba.....
then what do you know?  I found the very teddy on etsy

Has anyone ever set eyes on this awesome Little Golden book? I found one on ebay with the decals still included? Sweet as!


  1. I had some vintage decals that crumbled when I tried to put them on my kitchen dresser so be careful! I think you should put them on everything! Boxes, furniture, ping pong paddles....anything that stays still long enough!

  2. oh! i love a cute decal! i really want to put some on my old canisters!


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