Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shop Local and Support Aussie designers!

Well, all I can say is HOORAY for bunting. My Melbourne Made Lino "bunting crazy" necklaces have turned out to be Betty Jo's most popular design on Etsy.
 Notice I said Melbourne Made. Melbourne, Australia! 
There has been some bunting wearing celeb action lately. A reality home show contestant from the Block was sporting a little bunting necklace. At first a few friends thought it may have been a Betty Jo, but after I had a squiz, I knew straight away it was a piece by another designer from the UK. I was a little surprised that she wasn't wearing an Australian made product, she being the steryotypical crafty  Melbourne girl!

 I happened to read that this UK designer has had a huge rush by Aussie buyers wanting her necklaces . Good on her I say. These lucky strokes of unintentional publicity are often what keeps indie designers going!
 Now if you really loved some jewellery you had seen on the teev and wanted to buy something exactly the same, of course you would go straight to the source ( even if it was made off shore).
But wait, with a few clicks of the keyboard I discovered locally made designs just as nice right here.
I always click on Australia in shop locations on Etsy because I want to shop local and support Aussie Designers.So for all you bunting lovers out there...go and see what the local designers are making.

I can't imagine anyone has the copyright on little triangle flag necklaces...very similar designs have been used in jewellery since the Deco era and probably earlier. So there really is no excuse not to keep your Aussie dollar on shore!

P.S. And for more incentive all Betty Jo designs are on SALE over on  ETSY!

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  1. They're so cute! Etsy is the best ill be checking them out Thankyou!!


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