Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thank Goodness for Owls!

Thank goodness for Owls. Just when things were looking a bit, shall we say, sluggish, in less than a week I get two separate orders for owl clocks in my Big Cartel store. In over two years I have only had one other owl clock order from here. Quite a few Cuckoo Clocks and Finches ; but only the one Owl.

The colour requests for the current orders were quite different, one in pinky/reds and apple greens and one in purples, black & white and "nude". So here they are in progress. Their tummies have now been drilled and their hands inserted (that sounds icky). Now comes the fun bit (not). Packaging them up safely and handing them over with a trusting heart to Australia Post. Fly safe little owls.........

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