Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blue Sunday.

We are feeling kind of blue in our part of the world right now. Sad events in the Gleaners Inc. neighbourhood of Brunswick have blanketed everyone in a  dark cloud of sorrow.
Making these blue floral lino ducks for a lovely customer added some brightness to my week. This stunning lino was a donation and was found in the hard rubbish in Preston. HOW DID I NOT SEE IT!!!
Luckily my desire for beautiful vintage lino is well known and like minded locals will rescue it for me!
A few days ago my Lily turned 18. Here she is snubbing her nose at tradition and totally rockin' her school formal outfit. Channelling a Krishna goddess maybe?
It  has been a very challenging year for this young lady. Glandular fever and chronic fatigue, Year 12 stresses, loss of her friend to suicide and much sadness. I am wishing her a much happier year ahead and I will no doubt continue to bask in her strength, ballsy attitude and inner beauty xxxx


  1. All strength and happiness to your daughter. She looks brilliant.

  2. We are doing yr 12 here as well. i wish her a thousand million good thngs and giggles.

  3. Wishing you all good things from now on. It has been a tough year for my Miss Nearly 17 also (and her Mum). So I'm sending out positive vibes for all of us. x

  4. Beautiful post Liz. Been thinking of you all week x

  5. Thanks for the messages of support lovely ladies xxxliz


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